Mitchell Myers,  

Iowa State University 

"Gareth Denyer of HCP Barbell is easily the best trainer in the north Houston area. With his help, I developed from a weak, injury-prone 8th grader to a team captain on a Big 12 football program. I would never have reached my athletic potential without the work ethic and training methods he instilled in me at an early age. Not only did he provide first-class knowledge of football-specific training methods but he also provided advice on nutrition, recovery and mental toughness. I owe my success on the football field to Gareth Denyer and HCP Barbell."


-Mitchell Myers, Iowa State University

Paco Solano,

Air Force Academy

"I ended up committing to and playing football at the United States Air Force Academy. I do not doubt that HCP barbell is the primary reason I was able to get a Division-I scholarship. If you have a goal and are willing to work, Gareth Denyer will do everything in his power to ensure you meet that goal. Overall best decision I could have made for my athletic career."


-Paco Solano, United State Air Force Academy

Michael Cooper,

University of Indiana

"One of the best strength trainers around. I trained with Gareth throughout high school and made big improvements in strength. I continued to come back and train with Gareth during the offseason in college, along with many other athletes in the area. He is a huge reason I was able to have success on the field. You're the man, G!"

-Michael Cooper, University of Indiana

Jennifer Reese,

Louisiana State University 

"Gareth is, by far, one of the best trainers I've had in all of my years in competitive sports. He creates a simple yet focused environment that makes working out enjoyable and aligns your workout to your personal goals. During my time as an LSU swimmer, I would spend summers training in the woodlands supplementing my swimming with his programming 2-3 times a week. During my first summer with Gareth, I was able to drop 20 lbs while gaining muscle, strength, and improving my speed in the water. On top of that, I went from being able to do 0 pull-ups to 20. These milestones led me from being a "walk-on" on the LSU swim team to a 3 year SEC championships contender and a spot on the top for 10 meets. "

-Jennnifer Reese, Louisiana State University

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