During my high school years, I was known for several things: being very thin, continually eating, and throwing up. Yes, the latter part sounds disgusting, but I was notorious for doing this. I instinctively knew I had to push food to get bigger, so I would eat to the point of nausea and beyond regularly.

Breakfast was by far the most difficult of meals though. Most mornings, I had to eat twice. I usually threw up the first meal, and then I had a second meal to cover the loss of food from vomiting. This process continued for years up until my early 20's. It was a personal accomplishment when I got to the age where I could wake up hungry, eat, and not throw up.

This part of my story is being mentioned explicitly because the majority of boys do not eat until they are hungry. Or they will have one big meal and not eat for hours. Both of these approaches are wrong. The truth is you have to eat regularly throughout the day. This means having breakfast and continue eating, regardless of how hungry you are every few hours. As with training, the same applies to nutrition. You have to get a little uncomfortable and push meal frequency and quantity while paying attention to food quality.

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