Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Can You Tell Action Heroes Formulated My Personality?

My boxing coach, Lewis Wood, and I had a conversation recently discussing some of the action films we saw as children. Through our discussion, it brought back a vivid memory of one movie in particular called The Perfect Weapon. Even though I had not seen the film in years, I will never forget the impression it left on me. Watching this film convinced me I wanted to be a coach or instructor at an early age. It was always in the back of mind but did not fully acknowledge it until Lewis, and I reminisced of year's past.

Jeff Speakman, a master in Kenpo and Japanese Gōjū-ryū, plays the main character. As most films are from this genre, it oozes with "toxic masculinity". Being raised in the '90s, I believed the more toxic, the better! As you can tell, my definition of a man does not fit well with the current social situation. Oh well, I guess I will continue to piss off overprotective mothers in this article, too.

That old am I again?

Speakman's character is someone I related to when I was a teenager. Friendly to a point but when you wrongfully piss him off, be ready to pay the price. Showing his younger years and how he evolves into a man, the film displays his dislike of bullies. From fighting jocks as a teenager to destroying mobsters as an adult, the main character represented everything I wanted to be.

The movie is by no means a masterpiece, but I connected to with it more ways than one. When Jeff Speakman returns to his master at the end of the movie, (who just by chance has a smoking hot granddaughter), I saw how the training facility was his sanctuary. A place he could always return to despite how many years have passed. So, not only did I want to be a coach, I wanted a facility that my athletes could return to and briefly escape their problems through a healthy outlet.

There was a part of me that desperately wanted a place like this when I was having problems as a teenager and young man. Although I was seriously committed to weight training at an early age, most gyms felt more like a circus show. There was zero to none comradery among the members. Furthermore, most were seeking out attention by making others look inadequate.

Training in commercial gyms did serve a purpose by reminding me I never wanted a facility that made anyone feel out of place. I imagined the perfect environment for those who wanted to improve themselves despite their natural ability. I also believed and still do today that every person should be known on a personal level and be respected. There is something to be said when you understand a person and what makes them tick. It does not matter what the endeavor is. A coach must have the ability to relate well with others to produce high-level athletes.

I have acquired thousands of hours in the gym over several decades. It comes with the job because you have to learn the intricacies on how to do it correctly according to each person's body types and goals. In addition to this, I have spent even more time getting to know each person. The bond created with each individual has allowed me to see them achieve some pretty amazing things. "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care" has so much truth it when it comes to coaching.

I would like to remind everyone that I have worked with in the past, they are always welcome at my facility. No matter how long ago do not hesitate for advice on how to get back on track. As we transition into adulthood, our physical health is put on the back burner. Years go by, and before we know it, our bodies start feeling the consequences of being neglected. Training at the same facility when you were in peak shape during your teenage years serves as a great motivator, too. Just as in the movie, The Perfect Weapon, I created a place you can always return to while improving your mental and physical state.

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