Gareth Denyer

Gareth’s journey in the iron game began over 30 years ago. Trained by his father, who is a medical professional, Gareth was taught the importance of technique and nutrition at an early age. It was his lifelong dream to have a facility that not only has the best equipment but also provides the perfect environment for those who want to take their physical goals seriously.  


Gareth believes weight resistance training, when done correctly, can produce an increase in muscular strength and correct imbalances. Rather than over-complicating and subjecting someone to movements he/she is not designed for, Gareth believes in modified exercises that are best suited for that person.


No matter how effective a training program may be, it cannot correct improper nutrition. A diet plan optimizes the training, allowing for efficient recovery of the muscle-building process and the reduction in body fat.   This is why nutrition is emphasized for all his clients.  


Whether you are an athletic competitor or a business professional, Gareth can design a program for your specific needs.  With over three decades of experience, trained by the world-renowned coaches and nutritionists, Gareth has the necessary tools for you to reach all of your physical goals.

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